Murrell Farm Supply’s Animal and Livestock Feed

Murrell Farm Supply carries a wide selection of feed for cattle, horses, pigs, poultry and more. Aside from bagged feed, we also sell round and square bales of Straw, Alfalfa, and Mixed Grass Hay.

We also carry mineral mixes, molasses protein tubs, salt licks, and many other animal accessories and supplies.

Since we only stock quality brands like Cargill’s Nutrena, Missouri Livestock Supplements, and Freak Nasty Deer Feed, you never have to worry if your animals are getting the right nutrition.

We’re constantly adding to our section of products to better suit your needs. If we don’t have what you need in stock, please Contact Us so we can order it for you.




Murrell Farm Supply carries high-quality Nutrena feed for everything from cows and horses to chickens, deer, dogs and catfish.

Founded in 1921, Nutrena knows that nutrient levels in feed can vary depending on factors like seed type, climate, soil, and how the ingredients are processed. This in mind, they specially formulate their feeds to ensure every bag delivers optimal nutritional value. With over 180 different ingredients from more than 1100 suppliers, Nutrena still manages to control the ingredient composition of their feeds to meet consistent nutrient and quality levels, which is why so many trust them to provide balanced diets for their animals.

Cattle Feed

Different cattle have different nutritional requirements. Nutrena’s cattle products meet those requirements with a wide variety of feed forms and formulas, matching each feed to that animal’s requirements, development, or production phase. Things like regional and seasonal variations in forage are also factored in, resulting in balanced feed that provides consistent high performance for every kind of cattle.

Murrel Farm Supply carries quality cattle feed for every stage of their lives, including 14% creep pellet cattle feed and grower/finisher cattle feed.


Horse Feed

Nutrena knows that optimum nutrition is needed for your horse’s proper development, overall health and performance. While others only consider ingredients, they focus on nutrients to help bring out the best in your horse.

Their unique scientific approach to horse nutrition results in horse feeds that are formulated to provide just the right balance of nutrients needed by your horse, resulting in peak equine performance, no matter how you define it.


Pig Feed

Murrell Farm Supply trusts Nutrena to provide the nutrition your pigs need. With over 85 years of nutrition expertise, they’ve formulated just the right blend of nutrients at a price you can appreciate. Since Country Feeds is the only value-priced pig feed backed by a national brand, you know you can trust that your pigs are consistently getting exactly what they need as cost-effectively as possible.


Sheep & Goat Feed

Good nutrition matters, which is why Nutrena sheep & goat feeds have the quality ingredients and complete nutrition your herd needs to thrive.

With nutrition innovation and expertise since 1921, Nutrena’s world-class nutritionists are committed to developing the best feeds possible, making their feeds perfect for your sheep & goats.



Nutrena’s All Flock Feed simplifies feeding different poultry species or mixed flocks with balanced nutrition for strong, birds. This complete vegetarian diet has no need for supplementation, contains plenty of protein and is fortified with a proprietary blend of nutrients to naturally support the immune system and overall health of the birds.

Contains NO added antibiotics or hormones, but does have prebiotics, probiotics and yeast culture added to support digestion. This ration is perfect for easily feeding flocks with mixed species or different needs, including layers, broilers, turkeys, ducks, geese and pheasants (as long as they’re older than 7 weeks).

Dog food

Nutrena makes formulating better pet food their first priority. Because they’ve been devoted to the care and feeding of animals for more than 80 years, they understand the bond between people and their pets, and know how important meeting the nutritional requirements of their pets is to owners.

That’s why they’re devoted to creating food that not only provides our beloved pets with balanced nutrition, but also indulges them with delicious flavors they love.

No matter if you’re feeding puppies, highly-active adults or even seniors, Murrell Farm Supply carries the right food for your dog’s stage in life.

Deer Feed

If you’re looking for some of the best deer feed available, look no further. Using advanced extrusion technology for superior palatability, digestibility and water resistance, this feed provides protein for maximum growth and impressive antler development. Extra fat and fiber—and reduced sugar and starch— aid digestion while helping minimize possible digestive upsets in deer.

A full mineral and trace mineral package supports the development of healthy structural tissues and antlers, while high vitamin levels enhance immune system response during stressful periods due to environmental conditions or rutting season.

Durable nugget form makes for convenient spin feeding while the wild berry scent and flavoring enhances consumption and Aflatoxin safe for all wildlife, including quail and other gamebirds.

Murrell Farm Supply also recommends Freak Nasty Deer Feeds, a family-owned feed mill located in SW Missouri. They’ve been custom blending specialized deer feed for over 10 years. They provide quality feed at affordable prices – no gimmicks or fillers, just quality ingredients to help you grow freakishly-large deer!


Catfish and Pondfish Food

These floating pellets are designed to be highly palatable for maximum intake and viewing pleasure while also enhancing digestibility and nutrient absorption. They’re specially fortified with stabilized vitamins (high levels of vitamin C, E, D and B complex) to ensure fish are receiving correct nutrition to enhance and support rapid growth.




Other Feeds, Supplements and Minerals

In addition to the products listed above, we also carry bags of whole and cracked corn, sweet feed for multiple species, and molasses protein tubs and salt blocks from Missouri Livestock Supply. We also have nutritional supplements like Right Now Emerald, Right Now Emerald Fly Control, Cattle Grazer All Purpose and Cattle Grazer All Purpose Fly Control, to name just a few.

In addition to feed, Murrell Farm Supply also carries a full line of medical products from West Plains Veterinary Supply, as well as products for dogs like flea shampoo and wormer (in both liquid and pill form), and wormer for cattle, horses, etc.

If you need any feed, medicine or supplies for animals you don’t see listed here, like Alpacas or Llamas, please Contact Us; Murrell Farm Supply will be happy to order it for you!