Murrell Farm Supply’s Products

Murrell Farm Supply carries a wide selection of products, equipment and supplies for lawns, gardens, ranches and farms. We’ve got everything from netwrap and balers to feeders and fenceposts, seed of every description, gates and panels, propane refills, welding gasses and rods, and much, much more. Scroll down to see just a small sampling of all the ways Murrell Farm Supply can make your life easier.

If you’re needing something and don’t see it on this page, Contact Us. Chances are we can special order it for you.


Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment

Since 1945 farmers and ranchers around the world have counted on the Tarter family to help improve life on their land. All of Tarter’s products are made in the USA, and include everything from cattle squeeze chutes and horse stalls to farm gates and galvanized tanks, raised planters and fire rings to 3-point tractor implements and rodeo equipment.

Murrell Farm Supply can order anything in Tarter’s catalog, so if you’re looking for something in particular, give us a call or visit to browse their offerings, then Contact Us to let us know what you need.



LMC Ag is your first choice for Ag Sprayers, Chemical Applicator, Parts, Service and Spraying Needs. Opened more than 70 years ago, LMC Ag was built upon a belief in strong business relationships and dedication to building world class machinery. They produce quality agricultural equipment and pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and standing behind their products, as well as offering some of the best warranties in their industry.

Murrell’s Farm Supply knows how much time and money you’ve got invested in your fields and equipment, and how important it is to keep everything running smoothly, which is why we’ll happily order anything from LMC Ag that your farm or ranch might need.

Missouri Southern Seed

Murrell Farm Supply works with Missouri Southern Seed, a wholesale seed company serving farm and lawn & garden stores throughout the Midwest. Missouri Southern Seed sells high quality forage grasses, legumes, lawn, and wildlife planting seeds of all kinds.

If you’re looking for a type of seed we don’t have, we’ll get it for you. Just Contact Us.


We are the area’s only authorized retailer for Praxair bottles!

Praxair is Murrell Farm Supply’s supplier for welding supplies and gasses like acetylene, oxygen, argon, CO2 mix and more.

If you need welding gasses, rods, or other welding supplies, just let us know! Murrell Farm Supply will be happy to help you get whatever you need to get the welding or cutting job done, often at lower prices than the competition.


Murrell’s Custom-Built Metal Buildings

Murrell Farm Supply builds custom metal buildings. So do others. Unlike those others, Murrell uses metal for the entire construction, with not a splinter of wood involved.

Our basic metal buildings include insulated roofs to combat condensation issues as well as metal floors and a metal roll-up door for long-lasting durability. If you’d like things like windows and patios added, or any other custom work in general, just let us know- we can build pretty much anything to suit your needs.

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Propane Tank Refilling

No matter if you need to refill the propane tank on your BBQ, forktruck, or RV, we’ve got one rule: If you can get it to us, we can refill it! Why make extra stops carting around bulky, cumbersome tanks of gas? Just visit Murrell Farm Supply and get everything you need, from feed and fencing to propane and burn barrels, all in one go.

General Farm & Ranch Supplies

We carry or can special order a wide variety of farm supplies for cattle, horses, pigs, poultry, and more, including feeders, nest boxes, feed bunks, bale rings, mineral blocks, and both square and round bales of straw, alfalfa, and mixed-grass hay.




If you’re growing and harvesting your own hay, straw, and alfalfa, we can also help with our selection of netwrap, silage wrap, twine, bale spikes, and other equipment for tractors, all from brands you can trust like Donaghys Supergrass, Sunfilm, Tyrite and more.


Burn Barrels, Water Tanks, Totes & More

We also carry useful farm and ranch supplies like fertilizer, weed killer and pelletized lime, metal burn barrels, water tanks, and 275 gallon and 55-gallon food grade totes and barrels. In other words, we’ve got a little of everything, and can special-order even more!

Call 417-588-FARM(3276)Contact Us, or stop by our location today and see for yourself how Murrell Farm Supply can help make your life easier!